Relay Health Patient Portal

Your Health Information—Anytime, Anywhere

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is committed to having you as a partner in your own healthcare. For your convenience, and to help you understand your care instructions, medications, and test results, we encourage you to sign up for our online patient portal, powered by Relay Health. Your secure health records are just a click away.


Information available on the patient portal

Whether you came* to Englewood Hospital and Medical Center for an outpatient test or procedure, an emergency visit, or an inpatient stay, the Relay Health patient portal will give you access to key information:

  • Discharge instructions (25 hours after discharge)
  • Lab and pathology test reports, including blood work, biopsies, and other specimen tests (3 days after the results are finalized)
  • Radiology reports, including EKG, vascular, and echocardiogram tests (7 days after the final report is signed off by a physician).

In addition to viewing these details, you can enter and maintain your own information, such as your medications and supplements, allergies, immunizations, blood pressure, blood sugar/glucose levels, and weight. Having this information in one place will help keep it securely organized and help you track it and print it out for your own doctor or healthcare provider.

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center participates in Jersey Health Connect, a New Jersey-based organization dedicated to improving healthcare through electronic health information exchange. This means that you may be able to see your records added by other hospitals and healthcare providers in the state who also participate in this information exchange. For more information about Jersey Health Connect, visit

*on or after August 13, 2015

Getting help with the patient portal

If you have any difficulty registering or need technical support, please contact Relay Health customer support at 866-735-2963 or email

For full copies of your medical records, including information not found on the patient portal, you must contact our Health Information Management Department at 201-894-3169 and complete an Authorization for Release of Information.

If you have any questions about interpreting your test results or understanding your medical information, please speak to your primary care doctor. If you do not have a primary care doctor and would like a referral to one at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, please call 866-980-EHMC (3462).