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Graf Center for Integrative Medicine

Art Workshops

Aug 28
Englewood Health
350 Engle Street
Englewood, NJ 07631
Art programs

Come join Englewood Health and The Art School at Old Church to relax and rejuvenate. Participants will work with a variety of themes and projects, and all art creations will be tailored to your own personal interpretation to allow for individual creativity and thoughts. No experienced needed. Each month will have a different theme:

July: Bringing Sunshine

How is sunshine shared between you and others? Is it an outdoor activity, or how light enters a room? Working with pencil, watercolor, and collage, participants will create a visual representation of sunshine and what it means to them using a variety of shapes, images, and colors.

August: The Ocean

How does water resonate with our emotions — be it joy, pain, stress, love, anger? Using paint or collage, participants will begin by creating a literal or figurative representation of the ocean, and then add waves of emotion from their own lives.

September: Opening and Closing Doors

Can we open a door to healing, faith, and love? Can we close a door to illness, strain, or despair? Participants will discuss the literal and metaphorical meanings and uses of doors, and then use colored pencils, markers, or pastels to create an image that represents their personal viewpoint.

October: Masks

This month we are all thinking about who we are who we
would like to be, and what to scare away. Participants will create a mask that can reveal a secret persona, share innermost feelings, or hide personal demons. The possibilities are endless.



Art facilitators from The Art School at Old Church


Free, walk-ins welcome to attend. Open to patients and family members of patients.

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