Pay Your Hospital Bill

Pay Your Bill Online

For your convenience, you can pay your hospital bill or Englewood Health Physician Network provider bill online. Please see below. Note that when you receive services at the hospital, the physicians’ fees are billed separately from the hospital services. You will receive bills directly from any physicians.

To pay your bill online, please select the image that most closely resembles the invoice you received.

Englewood Hospital will bill your insurance company directly for the services you receive. This bill will include the charges for the hospital only. Once your insurance company has processed the claim, we will send you a bill for the balance deemed your responsibility by your insurance company.  You will receive separate bills from any physicians who were involved in your care.

Hospital bills can be complex.  Please call us at 201-894-3031 if you have questions about your hospital bill. If you have questions about bills received from physicians, please contact the customer service number on the bill:

  • Anesthesiology Billing: 888-983-4885
  • Emergency Department Billing: 201-366-9950
  • Englewood Health Physician Network Billing: 201-366-9950
  • Pathology Billing: 844-298-8238
  • Radiology Billing: 800-889-4447
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