Important Phone Numbers

Englewood Health emergency department

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. 

Please do not come to the Emergency Department for a COVID test if you do not have any symptoms or do not need emergency care.

If you are inquiring about monoclonal antibody treatment, please contact your primary care physician. We are not currently administering monoclonal antibody in the Emergency Department.

Our Emergency Department remains available for people needing emergency care.

  • Emergency Department: 201-894-3440
  • Emergency Medicine Administrative Office: 201-894-3450
  • Care Coordination: 201-894-3080
  • Health Information Management (medical records): 201-894-3170
  • Billing and Finance: 201-894-3031
  • EMS Training Center: 201-894-3875
  • Emergency Physicians of Englewood, PC: 201-366-9950

Note about physician bills: If you have questions about physician billing, please contact Emergency Physicians of Englewood, PC, at 201-366-9950.

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