What to Expect

Englewood Health emergency department

After arriving at the Emergency Department, you will be brought to one of two places depending on the nature of your condition.

  • Fast Track: For less urgent cases, you will be brought to our waiting area and then evaluated and treated in our dedicated fast track area.
  • Main Treatment Area: For urgent cases that require immediate attention, you can expect to be brought directly to a patient room.

Both areas designed with your safety, comfort, and privacy in mind.


A patient access representative will register you. This will require a driver’s license or identification card and your insurance card. If you do not have your insurance card, that information can be collected at a later date. If you are uninsured, you will later have the opportunity to work out a payment plan or learn about charity care programs.

Tip: It helps if you have a list of the current medications you are taking, any allergies you have, and the names of your physicians.


Based on the initial assessment, our team will order the appropriate tests or studies. Wait times will vary, depending upon the type of exam or labs. Results from blood work can take up to two hours to process. The Emergency Department is equipped with its own imaging suite for patients requiring a CT scan or other radiology-related services. A radiologist will read your exam, which usually happens within an hour of the test.

We understand that waiting for results can be frustrating and in some cases, cause anxiety. We will always do our best to take care of you in a timely fashion. You are welcome to ring the call bell to speak with a nurse for status updates while you wait.


After your evaluation, you will either be discharged or admitted.

  • If you are discharged, a physician or nurse will go over all information with you. You will also you will receive a phone call from one of our experts in the coming days, following your visit.
  • If you are admitted, we will contact your primary care physician to coordinate your care. If you do not have a primary care physician, one of our hospitalists will supervise your care. Hospitalists are board-certified physicians in internal medicine, family practice, and other specialties who specialize in caring for patients while they are in the hospital.

Going Home

If you need help with your transition back home, care coordination services and other resources are available to you to ensure you have everything you need in place to successfully return to your daily activities outside of the hospital.

Your Records

Copies of your results and/or medical records can be made available to your physician by filling out a request form at his/her office, which we will send as soon as the request is received. If your doctor is part of the Englewood Health Physician Network, your records will be available to him/her through our electronic health record system. If you choose to pick up a copy, please visit the Health Information Management department to fill out the required paperwork. Learn more about requesting medical records.

Information from your visit will able be available in MyChart, our patient portal.

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