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Frequently Asked Questions

Hospitalist listening to patient

Who is my hospital physician?

Your hospital physician, also known as a hospitalist, is a board-certified internist who devotes his or her practice to the care of hospitalized patients. They see patients in the hospital who may have been referred from primary care doctors, emergency room doctors, or other physicians at the hospital. They do not see patients outside the hospital. Additional coverage on weekends and holidays is provided by other physicians from the Department of Medicine.

What are the advantages of using a dedicated hospital physician?

Many primary care doctors use dedicated hospitalists to take care of their hospitalized patients. This gives you the benefit of being cared for by a physician who is entirely focused on the care and safety of hospitalized patients, and who is available in the hospital throughout the day. In addition, this enables your primary care doctor to be more available to you in his or her office.

Why is it important that resident and intern physicians, as well as medical students, are involved in my care?

Englewood Health’s internal medicine residents, as well as Hackensack-Meridian and other medical students, are often part of the healthcare team. The medical residents are physicians who have completed their medical school training and are preparing for certification in internal medicine. Our hospitalists have an active role in teaching and supervising the residents and students to ensure humanistic, high-quality care. Patients often benefit from the extra effort and attention provided by residents and students.

How will my hospitalist and primary care physician work together?

Your primary care physician can provide information about your health history to your hospital physician, and the two doctors can discuss any significant findings or events during your hospitalization. At the time of your admission and discharge, your hospital physician will provide a detailed report of findings and treatment plans that can be sent to your primary physician. When you are discharged, you will return to the care of your primary care doctor.

What if I don’t have a primary care physician?

At the time of your discharge, we will refer you to a local primary care physician of your choice or to a local clinic.

How do I contact my hospital physician?

If you would like to speak to one of the hospitalists while you are in the hospital, please ask your nurse to page the doctor. After being discharged, you may reach us by phone at 201-894-3364, email us at, or use our Contact Us page.

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