Pediatrician attending child

The Department of Pediatrics and Newborn Medicine at Englewood Hospital offers family-centered care in designated kid-friendly units. Members of the pediatric care team include board-certified pediatricians, neonatologists, pediatric anesthesiologists, certified child life specialists, and pediatric nurses.

Your Child’s Hospital Stay

We understand that coming to the hospital can be an overwhelming and confusing experience for a child and his or her family. Our mission is to always do everything we can to make your time here as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Learn more.

Find a Pediatrician

To find a pediatrician affiliated with Englewood Hospital, search online or call 833-234-2234. In addition to general pediatricians, our experts provide services in pediatric cardiology, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric surgery, and newborn medicine. For subspecialty services that are not available at Englewood Health, our experts will connect you with the right resources to make sure your child receives the care he or she needs.

Child Life Program

The Child Life Program helps ease anxiety and stress prior to medical procedures or hospitalization for children and their families. A certified child life specialist will work with your child to explain all events, sights, sounds, and sensations he or she may encounter during their time here in an effort to minimize fear and confusion. Preparation for all aspects of any medical experience – ranging from blood work to surgery – will help make the visit or stay less traumatic for children and their parents, too.

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