Globus Excelsius GPS robot and Joint Commission gold seal

Spinal Surgery

Globus Excelsius GPS robot and Joint Commission gold seal

In the majority of patients with back pain, spine surgery is only considered after conservative therapy options are no longer appropriate. Surgery is also recommended if the condition is causing neurological damage or unrelenting severe pain.

Our team of highly experienced spine surgeons includes both orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons who are at the forefront of advances in spine surgery techniques. They are fellowship trained specifically in spine surgery and continually pursue and implement new devices to stabilize the spine or for decompression procedures.

Minimally invasive approaches are used whenever appropriate. Research shows that minimally invasive procedures, which are performed through smaller incisions, result in smaller scars, less pain, and allow for fewer days in the hospital and a faster recovery than traditional surgery methods.

Every step is taken to promote a comfortable patient experience. This includes the use of pain medications just prior to surgery and the use of long-acting local anesthetics after surgery with a focus on minimizing the use of narcotic-based medications that can have adverse effects.

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