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Englewood Hospital Residents

Jason Lofters, MDJason Lofters, MD

PGY4 Chief Resident

I was born and raised on the north coast of Jamaica, and completed my medical education at the University of the West Indies (Mona). Having known early in medical training that Internal Medicine was my specialty of choice, I searched for a program that was academically vigorous but also fostered resident well-being. I found that and much more at Englewood Hospital.

During my 3 years of residency, I have been exposed to a wide variety of clinical cases and have learned to appreciate how social determinants of health shape my patients’ experiences and care. I have also been fortunate to learn about some of the intricacies of quality improvement and patient safety. Additionally, Englewood’s commitment to resident scholarly activity has led to my involvement in research at various stages, from data collection, to collaborating on writing abstracts and manuscripts. With faculty support, I have also been able to participate in national conferences both virtually and in person. All of these experiences have allowed me to grow as a physician, researcher, and leader.

I am very excited to take on the role of PGY4 Chief Resident and look forward to having the opportunity to help guide the education and professional development of residents as I continue to hone my skills as a researcher and clinician.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy binge watching old television series, reading mystery fantasy/sci-fi novels and hiking.

Jalisa Carvalho, MDJalisa Carvalho, MD

PGY3 Chief Resident (Ambulatory Medicine)

I spent the majority of my life in the beautiful country of Barbados where I also completed medical school training. I decided to pursue further training in the United States to complement the practical knowledge and skills I’d obtained at home.

Englewood Hospital’s Internal Medicine program has been my home away from home for the past couple years, making it easy for me to focus on growth. That growth has included learning about random topics outside of medicine, regaining my physical strength after an injury and practicing daily meditation. I enjoy running, indoor rowing, being at the gym and am a proud plant mom.

Although the next chapter of my medical journey has been rewritten several times, I am quite enjoying my time at Englewood and feel confident that wherever I settle afterwards, I will be fully equipped to thrive in my new environment.

Ross Lavine, MDRoss Lavine, MD

PGY3 Chief Resident (Didactics)

I was born, raised and obtained my MBBS degree at the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill) in Barbados, well known worldwide as the “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”.

The day I interviewed at Englewood Hospital, I was certain this institution was where I wanted to spend the next 3 years of my life. The atmosphere was one of warmth, love and collegiality. I felt very welcomed and thought this was the perfect environment for learning and overall growth. Leaving my family and country to pursue residency in a foreign country was bittersweet but the faculty and residents made my transition a smooth one. The faculty and attendings are always there to assist you and are very approachable. They constantly seek to bring out the best in you. In addition, the ancillary staff is very friendly and supportive and invested in providing the best patient care.

The IM program at Englewood has a strong academic learning experience and exposure to wide variety of pathology, but there is also a strong focus on professional growth, wellness, diversity and scholarly activity. Coming from a background of little research, I was able to have numerous case reports and manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at multiple conferences. I am also a member of several committees including the Program Evaluation Committee, Wellness Committee and was elected to be Co-Chair of the Hackensack Graduate Medical Education Committee Resident Forum, which has allowed me to contribute to the growth of this program in a multidimensional and holistic way.

I eagerly look forward to functioning in my role as the PGY3 Chief Resident in charge of didactics. Ultimately, I intend to pursue an academic career in Pulmonary/Critical Care medicine, for which I feel well prepared, having gained much experience in many procedures, ranging from arterial and central line insertion, endotracheal intubation, thoracentesis and bronchoscopy, under superior supervision and training of our stellar intensivists and pulmonologists.

During my off time, I enjoy spending time with my loving wife, Kristiana and our adorable Pomeranian puppy, Chino, going for long drives, and trying new restaurants and activities. I also enjoy photography and cycling which I picked up during residency. Residing just across the Hudson River from NYC, I am able to cycle the beautiful coast of north NJ and NY and be part of a huge cycling community. Fun fact, I was able to meet my fitness goals and lost 60 pounds during residency!

Sharde McLeish, MDSharde McLeish, MD

PGY3 Chief Resident (Inpatient Scheduling)

I was born and raised in Bronx, NY, but I am also of Jamaican descent. Having grown up in the city, I’ve always been immersed in the many cultures that inhabit the Bronx. I went to college in the cold city of Syracuse and then medical school in Grenada. My decision to practice medicine stemmed from my love of science and helping those in underserved communities.

I’m excited to step into the role of PGY3 chief, although I never imagined I’d be selected. Someone once told me, “Never count yourself out, let them count you out.” This couldn’t be truer, because I was counted in. This is an excellent place to complete your residency training and I am hoping you are all excited to embark on this transformative journey.

Outside of medicine, you will likely find me constantly disinfecting something—I am a germaphobe. I also love to plan events and entertain guests, which is why I am an active member of the Wellness Committee.

Janeen Grant-Sittol, MDJaneen Grant-Sittol, MD

PGY3 Chief Resident (Critical Care)

I hail from the cool hills of Mavis Bank, St. Andrew, Jamaica, which, in my opinion, produces the best coffee in the world. I completed medical school at the University of the West Indies (Mona) and was afforded the opportunity to join the Internal Medicine Program at Englewood Hospital in 2020. Here, a family-friendly and supportive staff including faculty, consultants, nursing and ancillary personnel embraced me. The diverse patient population allows us to see a plethora of patient pathologies and serves a range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

I intend to specialize in Critical Care Medicine. During my training, I’ve had autonomy and guidance which has instilled in me confidence, growth and not to mention technical skills gained in an array of procedures. With the support of faculty, I have also been successful in participating and conducting research and presentations at national conferences.

In my spare time, I enjoy visiting new restaurants and exploring vineyards with my husband Rani, and to his dismay catching up on reality television.

Jodi-Ann Smith, MDJodi-Ann Smith, MD

PGY3 Chief Resident (Research/Social Media)

I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica and I completed my medical training at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Mona Campus, in 2016. I eventually decided to pursue residency training in the United States and chose to apply to Englewood because of its reputation for top tier educational experiences and supportive faculty. I vividly remember the warm and welcoming atmosphere that greeted me on my interview day and was thrilled to eventually match here.

My clinical experience has been robust and has molded me into a confident physician. The faculty have been extremely supportive of my goals and aspirations. My faculty advisor checks in with me routinely and provides me with resources as needed. In addition to honing my clinical skills, I have had the opportunity to participate in research, including case reports and retrospective cohort studies.

In my spare time, I love to dance, attend concerts, jog and hang out with my friends. I have made great friends here that I now consider family. The strong sense of community in the working environment makes everyday a great day!

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