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The Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center

The Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center at Englewood Health provides personalized attention for women in need of mammograms and other breast imaging services, diagnostic evaluations, and more advanced breast procedures.

Our board-certified specialists focus primarily on breast disease and perform and interpret all diagnostic tests on-site. We take an individualized approach to diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.

Our newly renovated facility offers a serene environment with private waiting rooms, minimal wait times, and a compassionate team dedicated to providing you with the specialized care you need. We also offer real-time mammogram results.

Services Offered

The breast care center offers both screening and diagnostic testing for breast cancer and benign breast disease. Our services include:

  • Digital mammography (screening and diagnostic mammograms), with real-time results
  • 3D Mammography™ exam
  • Breast ultrasound
  • 3D breast MRI
  • Fine-needle aspiration (FNA) and ultrasound-guided FNA biopsy (used in breast biopsy as well as the evaluation of thyroid nodules, lymph nodes, salivary gland lesions, head and neck lesions, and other soft tissue masses)
  • Core biopsy (ultrasound, stereotactic, MRI)
  • Genetic counseling and testing

In addition to breast cancer, we specialize in all breast diseases and concerns, including:

  • Breast pain
  • Calcifications
  • Fibrocystic breast changes
  • Fibroadenoma
  • Inherited gene mutations and genetic risk assessment
  • Nipple discharge

Awards & Accreditations

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The Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center is:


To make an appointment for a breast imaging test, call us at 201-894-3640. You can also book an appointment online for a mammogram or breast ultrasound. You must have a prescription to make an appointment.

To reach us for questions other than appointments, call 201-894-3202.

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