Englewood Health wound healing center

Wound Care

Englewood Health wound healing center

Wounds that do not heal in 4-6 weeks, whether caused by an injury or an illness, require specialized treatment. The Wound Healing Center at Englewood Health offers advanced outpatient treatment for wounds that do not heal on their own or with standard treatment.

For more than two decades, our Wound Healing Center has helped hundreds of patients. We have a 94 percent success rate in improving or healing wounds, which is among the highest success rates for wound centers nationally. And, because we are located within a hospital, our patients have access to the full medical and surgical resources of a comprehensive medical center if needed.

As a multidisciplinary program, our center is made up of board-certified:

  • wound specialists
  • vascular surgeons
  • podiatrists
  • plastic surgeons
  • wound care nurses

We offer customized treatment plans which may include:

  • specialized dressings
  • topical medications
  • minimally invasive surgery
  • other advanced therapies, including assessment for referral to hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Patient education is also an important component of every treatment plan to help promote long-term recovery, prevent complications, enhance overall well-being, and improve quality of life.

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