Bloodless medicine

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Bloodless medicine

Institute for Patient Blood Management and Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Englewood Health offers a progressive approach to blood management to all patients in our care. Our internationally recognized program offers safe and effective transfusion-free medical and surgical techniques. Bloodless medicine and surgery can:

  • improve patient outcomes
  • eliminate the risks associated with blood transfusions
  • respect the needs of patients for whom blood transfusion is not an option

Find a Doctor Specializing in Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

Please call us directly at 201-894-3656 or toll-free 888-766-2566 for a referral to a physician that will fit your specific medical needs and who accepts your insurance.

News: Watch our documentary film, The Birth of Bloodless: The Englewood Experience, now available online. The film chronicles the 25-year history of the bloodless medicine program at Englewood Health, tracing its roots from its humble beginnings to its current reputation as the model for patient blood management programs throughout the world.

About Patient Blood Management

Watch our video introduction of patient blood management:

Patient blood management is the use of science-based medical and surgical techniques to conserve a patient’s own blood and minimizing or avoiding the need for the transfusion of donor blood components. Many people object to receiving blood or blood products. Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, object based on religious beliefs. Others do so as a result of healthcare concerns, knowledge of potential complications, or other personal convictions.

Strong scientific evidence shows that overall, patients who avoid transfusions have fewer complications, faster recoveries, and shorter hospital stays. Benefits of patient blood management include lower rates of the most serious postoperative complications, including heart attack, stroke, and infections; decreased risk of immunological complications and allergic reactions; less exposure to blood-borne viruses and infections; and no risk of receiving the wrong blood type.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by making optimal patient blood management (PBM) the standard of care for all patients.

Our Vision

Englewood Health, through the Institute, will incorporate the latest advances in PBM research, medical information and clinical innovation throughout the continuum of care.

Our Values

Guided by ethical and humanistic principles, our program provides consistently accessible, high-quality PBM to all patients, including bloodless care for patients for whom transfusion is not an option. We accomplish this by aligning the very best that medicine, science and technology offer with the goals of each individual patient.

Maintaining its position as the global leader in PBM, the program is committed to the ongoing education and training of all healthcare professionals and the public, thereby expanding community awareness of the benefits of optimal patient blood management.

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