Department Directory

AdmittingSee Patient Access
or 3322
Anesthesiology Billing888-983-4885
Antepartum Testing201-894-3669
Arrhythmia Center201-894-3533
Bariatric Surgery Center201-894-3667
or 3983
Behavioral Health201-894-3142
Berrie Ambulatory Surgery – Operating Room201-894-3857
Berrie Ambulatory Surgery – Pre – Post 201-894-3856
Billing and Patient Finance
Financial Counseling and Billing Questions201-894-3031
Charity Care201-894-3918
or 3087
Pricing Inquiries/CPT Coding201-894-3956
Medicaid Applications A-K201-894-3060
Medicaid Applications L-Z201-894-3643
Managed Care201-894-3029
Blood Bank201-894-4210
Bloodless MedicineSee Institute for Patient Blood Management & Bloodless Medicine and Surgery
Braverman Family Executive Wellness Program201-608-2355
Breast CenterSee Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center
Cahn Family Cancer Care CompanionSee Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center
Cancer CenterSee Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center
Cancer Risk Assessment & Genetics Program201-608-2608
Cardiac Catheterization201-894-3476
Cardiac Rehabilitation201-894-3512
or 3765
Cardiac Pulmonary201-894-3356
Cardiac Unit201-894-3357
Cardiothoracic Surgery201-894-3636
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit – CVICU201-894-3455
Care Coordination201-894-3080
Center for Clinical Practice201-894-3193
ChaplainSee Pastoral Care
Child Life Services201-894-3635
Coe Radiation Oncology Center201-894-3125
Community Affairs201-608-2550
Diabetes Education201-894-3335
Emergency Department 201-894-3440
or 3382
Englewood Health Physician Network201-894-3569
Environmental Services201-894-3032
Food and Nutrition201-894-3095
Gift Shop201-894-4118
Graf Center for Integrative Medicine201-608-2377
Health Information Management201-894-3170
or 3169
Health Sciences Library201-894-3069
HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer201-894-3278
HousekeepingSee Environmental Services
Human Resources201-894-3025
Infection Prevention201-894-3439
or 3676
Information Desk201-894-4006
Infusion CenterSee Wilson Kaplen Infusion Center
Institute for Patient Blood Management & Bloodless Medicine and Surgery201-894-3656
or 888-766-2566
Internal MedicineSee Medicine, Department of
Interventional Radiology201-894-3727
Labor & Delivery201-894-3138
Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center201-608-2266
Leslie Simon Breast Care and Cytodiagnosis Center201-894-3202
Main Operating Room201-894-3150
Magnus Imaging of Englewood Hospital973-743-9001
Managed CareSee Billing and Patient Finance
MarketingSee Communications
Medical RecordsSee Health Information Management
Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit – MSICU201-894-3390
Medicine, Department of201-894-3510
Mobile Intensive Care Unit201-894-3462
Mother/Baby Unit201-894-3153
MRISee Radiology
Neonatal ICU201-894-3472
Neuro / Oncology Unit201-894-3130
Nuclear MedicineSee Radiology
Obstetrics & Gynecology201-894-3515
Occupational TherapySee Rehabilitation
Orthopedics / Neurosurgery Unit201-608-2600
ParkingSee Security
Pain Management
Outpatient (for a referral to a pain specialist)833-234-2234
Pastoral Care201-894-3228
or 3229
Patient Access201-894-3015
Patient Information201-894-3500
Patient Relations201-894-3368
Nursing Station201-894-3120
Physical TherapySee Rehabilitation
Post Anesthesia Care Unit – PACU201-894-3299
Pre-Admission Testing201-894-3187
or 3655
Priest (Catholic)See Pastoral Care
Public RelationsSee Communications
Pulmonary Rehabilitation201-894-3805
Pulmonary Testing201-894-3156
PsychiatrySee Behavioral Health
Radiation OncologySee Coe Radiation Oncology Center
RabbiSee Pastoral Care
Rehabilitation Medicine201-894-3285
Respiratory Care201-894-3157
School of NursingSee Center for Nursing Practice
School of Radiography201-894-3481
Sleep Center201-894-3154
Social WorkSee Care Coordination
Speech TherapySee Rehabilitation
Stress Lab201-894-3383
UltrasoundSee Antepartum Testing or Radiology
Utilization ReviewSee Care Coordination
Vascular Lab201-894-3128
Vascular Surgery201-894-3689
Vein Center201-894-3252
Wilson Kaplen Infusion Center201-894-3600
Wound Healing Center201-894-3361
ZT Systems Outpatient Center at Jersey City551-325-2200
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