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Englewood Health Nurse Recognized as March of Dimes Nurse of the Year

Englewood Health Nurse Recognized as March of Dimes Nurse of the Year

November 17, 2020 — Englewood Health neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse Susan Maher-Dziemian, BSN, RNC-LRN, received an award in the Women and Children’s Health category at the March of Dimes Virtual Nurse of the Year Awards Wednesday evening.

The Nurse of the Year Awards event and fundraiser brings people together from the healthcare community each year to recognize nursing excellence and achievements in research, education, quality patient care, innovation, and leadership. Nurses can be nominated by peers, nurse managers, supervisors, or families they have impacted.

Susan has been a nurse at Englewood Health for 38 years and specializes in the care of newborns and families, as well as in perinatal bereavement support.

“Susan is incredibly dedicated to caring for our newborns and their families,” said Valerie French, senior director of maternal child health at Englewood Health. “She has been a maternal-child nurse for many years and always stays current with what is going on in neonatal care. Susan consistently brings new ideas and innovations to the department.”

More than 250 nurses were nominated for this year’s Nurse of the Year Awards, across 14 unique categories. Applications were then reviewed and scored by nurse leaders throughout the healthcare community. Through this competitive process, 80 finalists were selected, including NICU care manager Mary De Ritter, MSN, RN, CNL in Women and Children’s Health, and nurse manager of labor and delivery and pediatrics, Mary Ellen Garrity, MSN, RNC-MNN in the Nurse Manager category, also representing Englewood Health.

Englewood Health’s maternity services—including specialized education and support classes, nutritional support, and access to advanced medical care and neonatal intensive care unit—help make the experience of giving birth the best it can be by prioritizing patient safety and quality care.

Englewood Health Nurse Recognized as March of Dimes Nurse of the Year

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