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In accordance with federal requirements, Englewood Hospital provides information on its standard list of hospital charges. Charges are not the same as prices; charges are like a sticker price that is then either negotiated down for non-government insurance companies or are reduced to rates set by Medicare and Medicaid. They’re contained in a large report called a chargemaster.

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The rates billed to all Englewood Hospital patients who do not have insurance are also reduced from the “sticker price,” and these “self pay discounted rates” are indicated in the last column on the chargemaster file on this website (labeled 2019 Uninsured Rate). This is in accordance with, and follows guidance issued by, both the federal government and the State of New Jersey.

Physician services are billed directly from the physician practice, and Englewood Hospital is not able to provide that pricing information.

If you need additional information, we are available at 201-894-3956 (Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to answer any questions you may have on pricing, CPT coding and out of pocket costs.

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