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Englewood Health Offers Patients Next-Generation PET/CT Scanner

Englewood Health Offers Patients Next-Generation PET/CT Scanner

With the acquisition of new imaging technology, Englewood Health improves disease detection, offering patients quicker, more comfortable scans, with potential for earlier diagnosis

December 19, 2023 — A faster, safer, and more effective medical imaging device has arrived at Englewood Health, with the addition of the Biograph Vision 450, the next-generation PET/CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers.

PET/CT scanners are a critical tool used to detect cancers and neurological disorders, as well as monitor progress in patients undergoing treatment for lung cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, and other cancers.

The new PET/CT scanner dramatically decreases the amount of time it takes to render an image—and therefore the amount of time patients need to spend in the scanner—from 40–45 minutes down to 12–15 minutes. The Biograph Vision 450 offers enhanced image quality and can detect smaller lesions than previously possible—as small as 1 mm in diameter.

This improved image quality not only offers greater diagnostic precision but also has the potential to enable earlier diagnoses, which is crucial for treating medical conditions at their most manageable stages, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

In addition to premium technology, the new scanner offers a larger and wider opening, as well as a higher weight limit, providing better patient comfort. At Englewood Health, patients undergo scans in private rooms equipped with TVs, art imagery, and a choice of their favorite music to listen to while being scanned.

“We understand that needing a scan can bring anxiety. Englewood Health technologists can help reduce that stress by promising a more comfortable and faster imaging experience,” says Mark Shapiro, MD, chief of radiology at Englewood Health. “With the addition of the latest imaging technology, we have further enhanced our patient experience and diagnostic capabilities, illustrating our role as leaders in cancer care for our community.”

“Our team is committed to leveraging innovative technologies to ensure the early and accurate detection of all cancers,” said Steven T. Brower, MD, FACS, medical director of the Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center and chief of surgical oncology at Englewood Health. “We remain steadfast in our pursuit of enhancing the ease and comfort of all stages of cancer care. This commitment to excellence and the patient experience is what distinguishes us.”

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