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First Vaccinations at Englewood Health

The close of 2020 is proving to be an exciting time at Englewood Health as we wrap up our first wave of COVID-19 vaccinations. With close to 1,200 team members vaccinated in less than a week’s time, the organization is breathing a collective sigh of relief, applauding the selflessness of our frontline healthcare workers, and celebrating the beginning of the end for the COVID-19 pandemic. After nine long months battling COVID-19, the Englewood Health team has been reenergized by this turning point. The vaccine has brought a real sense of hope to the surface as the first step in getting back to the way of life we knew before COVID-19, albeit with some modifications. As the New Year approaches, what matters most is the commitment to caring for ourselves, our colleagues, our families, and our world. This is not the end, but it’s one step closer. Ready, set, vaccinate!

Englewood Health is currently following the CDC guidance on administering the vaccine to frontline healthcare workers. We expect to offer the vaccine to patients and the general public in 2021. More information will be posted here when those details are available.

Posted on December 22, 2020

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