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For a Urinary Tract Infection, A Trip to Urgent Care May Offer Relief

For a Urinary Tract Infection, A Trip to Urgent Care May Offer Relief

It’s 2 p.m. on a Sunday. After a big glass of water, you make your way to the bathroom. Once there, you’re struck by an all-too familiar feeling: a burning sensation when you pee followed by the dreaded ‘still-need-to-pee’ feeling after your bladder has emptied.

You know this feeling to indicate the arrival of a urinary tract infection and that only a swift course of antibiotics can help you now. To complicate matters, your gynecologist won’t be open until Monday, and you can’t know for sure how long you’ll wait for an appointment once they do open their doors.

Most women can recall a time in their lives—much like this one—when they needed quick attention for a health issue but could not see their regular doctors in a timely fashion. As we know, pregnancy, vaginal infections, pelvic pain, morning sickness, and menopause flareups wait for no woman.

When symptoms do arise outside of our doctor’s regular hours, many of us find ourselves in emergency rooms being treated for distinctly non-life-threatening illnesses.

Luckily, there is a third option other than your regular doctors and the emergency room. It’s a place that you’re probably forgetting to utilize when you need it most: urgent care.

“Urgent care offers a wide array of women’s health services, from pregnancy and STI testing, to the diagnosis and treatment of UTIs, vaginal infections and abdominal pain,” said Jacqueline R. Ysique, MD, a family medicine specialist at Englewood Health Urgent Care.

Urgent care centers specialize in the treatment of non-emergent illnesses and injuries—ones that require speedy intervention all the same. Though most urgent cares do not have a gynecologist or obstetrician on site, they do employ highly skilled, board-certified physicians, who are capable of diagnosing and treating all manner of health issues.

If need be, urgent care can share your test results with your current doctor or refer you to a new doctor or specialist, as well as assist you in scheduling an appointment that same day.

Englewood Health Urgent Care has the added benefit of being open late nights and weekends—the times when your normal doctors are probably closed. They welcome walk-in appointments and—most importantly—have an on-site provider who can provide diagnosis, treatment, or referral to a specialist.

Dr. Ysique is one such physician. She sees patients at four Englewood Health Urgent Care locations in Fair Lawn, Englewood, Cresskill, and Jersey City.

“If you’re ever wondering whether an ailment you’re experiencing can be treated at urgent care, it’s as simple as giving the office a call and asking,” Dr. Ysique said. “You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the range of health issues we’re able to help you with here.”

Posted April 28, 2022

For a Urinary Tract Infection, A Trip to Urgent Care May Offer Relief

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