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Graf Center for Integrative Medicine Opens

Video: Graf Center for Integrative Medicine Opens

Growing healthcare trend helps today’s hyperconnected culture unplug and rethink wellness


November 30, 2015 – Englewood Hospital and Medical Center  is embracing a new, growing trend among hospitals nationwide of integrative medicine – incorporating complementary therapies into traditional care – through the opening of its brand new Graf Center for Integrative Medicine.

As healthcare moves away from treatment-focused care toward more preventive care, EHMC has recognized the importance of caring for people not only when they are sick but when they are well, partnering with them to bring multiple approaches to healing and wellness.

Led by a physician, the Graf Center is housed within the medical center’s outpatient facility and is open to everyone. The Graf Center’s medical director, Despina Psillides, MD, is board certified in internal and geriatric medicine, finished integrative medicine pro­grams in several institutions, and completed the Harvard Structural Acupuncture Course for Physicians.

Under Dr. Psillides’ direction, the Graf Center offers safe, evidence-based services, including acupuncture, therapeutic massage, wellness coaching, nutritional counseling, yoga, Reiki, and stress management. These therapies have been shown to help minimize nausea, reduce pain, and relieve stress and anxiety. The center’s team of licensed and/or certified practitioners work closely with a patient’s doctor to establish a wellness plan.

“There’s a growing demand for integrative medicine,” said Dr. Psillides. “This is a new way of promoting healthy behaviors and managing chronic conditions by integrating traditional medicine with other practices, such as acupuncture, yoga, and therapeutic massage. People want to feel better and take control of their health. And as these practices have become more mainstream, it is important that they are provided in a safe environment and involve medical experts, especially for people with cancer, heart disease, or other serious conditions.”

To promote tranquility and relaxation, the Graf Center was designed with natural materials and Zen-like elements, such as a decorative water wall and soft lighting, to feel like a luxury spa. The Graf Center also offers a variety of wellness prod­ucts, available for sale in a boutique, and will host educational workshops.

The new Graf Center is focused on the principles of treating patients and clients with humanistic care in a comfortable environment, supported by evidence-based services. Whether you have a medical condition or just want to be as healthy as possible, this new space offers a menu of services led by clinical professionals to meet your wellness needs.

Growing healthcare trend helps today’s hyperconnected culture unplug and rethink wellness

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