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High-End Technology and Topflight Vascular Surgery Team at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

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Vascular surgery at the Heart and Vascular Institute is designed around a multidisciplinary approach.
Thomas Bernik, MD
Thomas Bernik, MD

“Even before I came here, Englewood Hospital had in place high-end technology for vascular surgeons to perform advanced procedures,” said Thomas R. Bernik, MD, chief, vascular surgery at Englewood Hospital. “A lot of our physicians are New York City transplants, including myself. We have the technology here, the medical teams and the administrative support that I really didn’t have in New York City. It was one of the attractions for me to come here.”

Dr. Bernik came to Englewood Hospital in January 2016 from Mount Sinai Beth Israel, in New York City, where he was an associate professor of surgery and chief of vascular surgery. Prior tothat, he was chief of endovascular surgery at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center, also in New York City. As a vascular and endovascular surgeon, Dr. Bernik specializes in complex open surgery and minimally invasive surgery for aortic aneurysms, carotid disease, peripheral vascular disease, dialysis access and complex venous thrombosis.

Dr. Bernik is continuing to expand the hospital’s vascular surgery services and oversees the leadership of the Wound Care/Limb Salvage Center.

Englewood Hospital’s programs are multidisciplinary, which foster and individualize patient care. Doctors, even those at major big-city academic hospitals, tend to work in silos, Dr. Bernik said, and operate within their specific disciplines.

“The uniqueness of what we have here is the multispecialty design of the programs,” Dr. Bernik said. “We start with a very good vascular surgery base of physicians, but we also have support from all the different disciplines that we bring into our programs, helping us give the quality of care that is needed.”

For example, the Wound Care Center brings in specialists from infectious diseases, vascular surgery, cardiology and endocrinology to provide comprehensive, whole-body care. “These are some of the sickest patients that you are going to have in the hospital from a cardiovascular standpoint,” Dr. Bernik said. “They have multisystem organ issues.” These include coronary artery disease, lung disease or kidney disease, he noted, and all of those specialties should have a say in the treatment of that patient.

Because vascular issues can affect the entire body, “we have multispecialist practices that participate in the care of the one patient,” Dr. Bernik said. “The biggest thing we do for the care of patients who are really sick is maintain our focus on quality, quality, quality.” That focus on quality has been consistently recognized by external rating agencies, including CareChex, a division of Quantros, Inc., which recognized Englewood Hospital’s vascular surgery division as being among the top 10% in New Jersey and the nation for both medical excellence and patient safety in 2016.

Posted September 2017

High-End Technology and Topflight Vascular Surgery Team at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

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