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A little over a year ago, Rita Valvano was at home with her grandchildren, of which there are nine—five girls and four boys.

On this particular day she had an appointment scheduled for her annual mammogram and was debating whether or not to attend. For 20 years Rita had mammograms performed and for 20 years they had all been clean. She was probably okay to skip one, right?

“For no particular reason, I decided to shuffle the kids off to school and attend my appointment. I truly almost didn’t go. Looking back I’m sure glad I did,” Valvano said.

Stage 1 breast cancer. Very small. She was lucky to have found it as early as she did.

It’s been a long year for Rita—but thanks to the support she’s received from her family, her friends and her doctors and nurses at Englewood Health, she’s been able to endure treatment, remain positive and get on the other side of this cancer.

Posted November 2, 2018

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