Hospitalist listening to patient

For Primary Care Physicians

Hospitalist listening to patient

To help meet the needs of their patients more effectively, many primary care physicians elect to focus on their office practice and use hospitalist physicians to care for their patients who require hospitalization. Physicians using our service are more available to patients in their office practice and are able to focus their practice and continuing education on the unique challenges of outpatient medicine.

Hospitalists are specialists in inpatient care. By focusing their practice on the care of hospitalized patients, they bring experience and expertise to the dynamic and acute needs of hospitalized patients. Hospitalists spend all of their day in the hospital. They are more readily available to patients and families throughout the day. They are also able to manage the complexities of care within the hospital effectively and ensure that patients receive the appropriate care at the appropriate time as safely as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Using Our Hospital Medicine Service

How can I have a hospitalist care for my patient?

Outpatient physicians may refer their patients to a hospitalist by calling the hospitalist on call (pager #3000 via the hospital operator) or by informing the emergency room doctor about the referral. Some patients arrive at the emergency room without a doctor. If admitted, they may be cared for by a hospitalist. Also, surgeons and subspecialists often ask hospitalists to help manage their patients who have needs beyond the scope of their specialty. Referring primary care physicians receive dictated notes from a hospitalist in addition to verbal communication.

What if my patient needs a subspecialist?

The Englewood Hospital hospitalists have access to all of the outstanding subspecialists on staff and ask for assistance whenever appropriate. Many outpatient physicians and patients have preferred consultants and we will make every effort to maintain these specific relationships if you let us know.

How will I be kept informed of my patient’s care?

We call our referring primary care doctors’ office to notify them at admission, discharge, and with any significant events. We also send detailed dictated reports at admission and discharge to be put into your outpatient medical record.

How can I become a referring physician?

We encourage primary care doctors to contact us and let us know if they would like to establish an ongoing relationship in which we provide care to their hospitalized patients. We will then add you to our list of referring physicians so that both the emergency room and medical residents make sure all of your patients are triaged to us. Outpatient physicians may refer their patients to a hospitalist by calling the hospital operator (201-894-3000) and asking for the hospitalist on call or by informing the emergency room doctor about the referral.

During business hours, physicians can also contact Peter Shin, MD, the program director, at 201-894-3364 to discuss the details of developing a long-term relationship with the hospitalist program.

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