The ICU Team

Intensive Care Unit

Our ICU team is made up of highly skilled physicians, nurses, and others with specialized training in caring for critically ill patients. The ICU team rounds daily to discuss each patient’s individual plan of care. Our physicians are available 24 hours a day. The team works closely with the patient’s primary doctor and other specialists as needed.

  • Physicians: The ICU attending physician is the main doctor who makes decisions about the patient’s care. Residents are physicians who have completed medical school and are training further in a hospital and fellows are doctors who have completed both medical school and residency in internal medicine or another specialty and are now getting advanced training. At our hospital, doctors wear dark gray uniforms or business attire with
    white lab coats.
  • Advanced practice nurses (APN) and physician assistants are advanced healthcare practitioners who help manage a patient’s treatment plan.
  • The nurse manager oversees the delivery of all patient care within the unit. Nurse managers work closely with the other members of the team, patients, and family members. Family members and patients can schedule time with the nurse manager if they have questions or concerns.
  • Nurses give patients the day-to-day bedside care. The same nurse will care for your loved one as many days in a row as the schedule allows, so that he or she gets to know specific patient and family needs and concerns. Nurses at our hospital wear blue pants and top to help you identify them easily.
  • Patient Care Associates help nurses at the bedside. These team members wear blue pants and a white top at our hospital.
  • Allied health professionals, such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, speech pathologists, audiologists, and other therapists, may work with your loved one and their medical team to help reach recovery goals. Allied health professionals at our hospital wear burgundy pants and top.
  • Case coordinators and social workers help families deal with the emotional and practical issues that come up when a person is very sick.
  • Dietitians, nutrition assistants, and dietary workers make sure that patients get proper nutrition while they are in the ICU, whether they can eat through the mouth or via other means. Dietitians wear business attire with white lab coats, and the other team members wear black pants and top at our hospital.
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