The 1800s

Englewood Health exterior

On April 5, 1888, Mrs. Sheppard Homans and Stephen Clarke, Esq., signed the articles of incorporation for The Englewood Hospital Association. The mission was clear: “…for the purpose of establishing a hospital in the Village of Englewood and therein to care for, cure, nurture and maintain sick, injured, and indigent infirm persons residing in or found within the Townships of Harrington, Palisade and Ridgefield.” (These townships later became the Northern Valley’s present communities.)

The Association purchased a three-acre tract of land for $1,048 and began construction in November 1889. Dedicated on June 14, 1890, the wooden building had a 25 x 28-foot central administration area flanked by two 12 x 28-foot wings, which housed 12 beds. The cost of construction was $4,684.63.

Englewood Hospital admitted its first patient on June 25, 1890. During its first year, the hospital treated 70 patients, and the medical staff performed 17 operations. Ward patients paid a dollar a day in hospital costs. Demands on the hospital increased rapidly, and in 1893, its first addition was completed. That same year, the endowment fund received its first gift—a $500 bond—and of the 123 patients treated that year, 100 received free care. Three years later, the hospital established the Englewood Hospital Training School for nurses.

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