Nursing professional development presentation

Education & Professional Development for Nurses

Nursing professional development presentation

Nursing Education

We are committed to professional career development. In collaboration with several universities, our nurses are provided the opportunity to advance their professional nursing career. The programs prepare graduate nurses to become leaders in administration and become qualified practitioners. We currently offer programs with William Paterson University for Englewood Hospital nursing leaders in administration or nurse practitioners. In addition, we have partnered with several institutions to offer tuition discounts. Englewood Health also provides tuition reimbursement to eligible staff as well as a robust scholarship program.

Continuing Education

Our Center for Clinical Practice is committed to supporting the nursing staff in promoting their professional growth, and in providing evidence-based patient care through continuing education. The center supports the goal of nursing to provide a practice environment that fosters teamwork, autonomy, and professional development. Education programs include research, best practices, performance improvement, and new technology and equipment, among other topics. Our nurse educators, in conjunction with our nursing leadership team and education council (which includes clinical nurses), are responsible for assessing the educational needs of nurses; planning, developing and implementing appropriate learning activities; and evaluating the effectiveness of staff learning. Education is provided through multiple avenues including in person and online, as well as expert faculty and state-of-the-art training including our simulation lab.

In addition, our Evidence-Based Practice/Research Council serves as a resource for nurses who wish to pursue research. The council is committed to cultivating an environment of inquiry within the nursing staff that will ultimately influence clinical practice and result in a more informed bedside practitioner.

Nurse Residency Program

We are proud to offer the Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program which is designed to ensure that nurses with a year or less of experience transition into practice with skill and confidence. We want our new nurses to succeed and excel in this environment. By supporting nurses in their transition from the academic setting to clinical care, we are fostering a highly qualified staff and better preparing our new nurses for clinical encounters, communicating with other medical professionals, as well as with patients and families, and encouraging them to become future leaders.

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