Professional Practice Model

Our professional practice model (PPM) is the nursing structure used to deliver care. It was established by our nurses to meet the challenges of healthcare and the needs of our patients and families while optimizing the RN’s role.

The model’s goals are to improve quality patient care and safety; drive autonomy, accountability and performance transparency; encourage lifelong learning; and increase job satisfaction and engagement.

Its standards are based on theory and current research.

The PPM supports shared decision making, decentralization and the medical center’s vision.

It comprises five interdependent components: Patient Care Management, Nursing Practice, Collaborative Practice, Community Outreach, and Leadership.

Central to the spirit and implementation of the PPM are various methods for evaluation, including ongoing monitoring, rapid cycle change initiatives, staff and management feedback, actionable data retrieval, information sharing, performance improvement strategies, and short-and long-term planning. Much of the ongoing responsibility for developing and monitoring activities is placed with our nursing councils.