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Nursing Vision & Philosophy

CNO Town Hall

Our nursing vision is to be a provider of family-centered care in an innovative, therapeutic, and safe environment where actions are directed to the ultimate good of the patient.

The nursing philosophy incorporates ideas from Jean Watson’s theory of caring. Caring is central to nursing at Englewood Hospital. Our nurses accept the patients and families for who they are now and what they may become. Effective caring promotes health in our patients and families, who are our principal focus and concern.

Our practice of caring in nursing integrates biophysical knowledge and an awareness of human behavior that promotes increased well-being for those who have not yet achieved optimum wellness. The nurturing behaviors provide comfort and therapy and foster personal development in the presence of illness or disease. Nurses provide a caring environment for patients and their families, allowing for the best course of action at any given time. Nursing care is provided in an interpersonal relationship process of nurse-with-patient, nurse-with-family and nurse-with-group.

Our practice of caring at Englewood Hospital emphasizes humanistic values in the treatment of the patient and our relationships among all staff and community.

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