Accessing Care at Englewood

Accessing Care at Englewood

Accessing Care at Englewood

Our team at the Institute for Patient Blood Management and Bloodless Medicine and Surgery includes patient navigators and coordinators who will walk you through the process of accessing care at Englewood Health, including making a recommendation for a surgeon or other physician who specializes in bloodless techniques for your condition.

Find a Bloodless Doctor

Please call us directly at 201-894-3656 or toll-free 888-766-2566 for a referral to a physician that will fit your specific medical needs and who accepts your insurance.

Insurance Coverage

Englewood Health accepts a wide range of insurance plans, as well as Medicare. With so many insurance companies, it is impossible to have contracted arrangements with them all. Because of the unique needs of patients seeking transfusion-free care, we can assist patients in negotiating with their insurance company on a case-by-case basis. Many of the techniques in bloodless medicine and patient blood management lead to shorter lengths of stay in the hospital, better outcomes, and fewer complications. Thus we have not experienced any difficulty with insurance companies unwilling to pay for services. Our staff is here to help with this issue. Please call us toll-free at 888-766-2566.

EMS and Transfers

Each ambulance service has its own policy about where to take patients. You can always ask, but many times if you live some distance from Englewood, the ambulance service will not take you to us directly. They will most likely take you to the closest hospital to be medically stabilized. We have our own transport service to transport patients from other institutions to us after arrangements have been made.

If you, a friend, or a family member needs or wants to be transferred from another hospital to Englewood Health, please call us at 201-894-3656 or toll-free 888-766-2566 and you will be connected directly to a coordinator who will walk you through the steps involved in a transfer process. We are available for emergencies 24/7.

Ensuring Transfusion-free Care

At Englewood Health, patient blood management is a hospital-wide effort. An entire healthcare team of physicians, nurses, pathologists, pharmacists, dietitians, and support staff work together to assess and address each patient’s blood management needs.

The Institute for Patient Blood Management and Bloodless Medicine and Surgery is notified of any patient who, on entry to any part of the hospital, is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses or a patient for whom blood transfusion is not an option. Appropriate documentation is completed and patient charts are identified throughout their stay. Patients wear wristbands that say “NO BLOOD TRANSFUSION” during their stay.

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