Sleep Center - insomnia

Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep Center - insomnia

Here are some general guidelines for healthy sleep:

  • Losing weight often improves breathing during sleep, enabling the patient to sleep more restfully with less likelihood for daytime sleepiness.
  • Avoid alcohol within two hours of bedtime. Alcohol depresses breathing and increases the risk for sleep disturbances.
  • Avoid sleeping pills, which depress breathing.
  • Sleep on your side, not on the back.

Take a moment to assess your symptoms for a sleep disorder. If you answered “yes” to any of these, you may have sleep apnea or another sleep disorder.

  • I snore
  • I experience excessive daytime sleepiness
  • I wake up gasping for air
  • I wake up with heartburn/reflux
  • I have trouble losing weight
  • I have morning headaches
  • It is hard for me to stay awake while driving
  • I’ve been told that I fall asleep incredibly fast
  • I’ve been told that I stop breathing while I sleep
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