Massage Therapy

Massage and Reiki at the Graf Center

Provided in the privacy of your hospital room by licensed therapists from the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine at Englewood Health. Contact 201-608-2377 to book an appointment or to learn more. The Graf Center also offers prenatal massages.

Postnatal Massage Therapy

These massages focus on the special needs of the new mother. Massage helps the body cope with the special demands of pregnancy. $45 for a 30-minute session in your hospital room. Also available in the comfort of the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine.

Postnatal Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This type of massage can assist with weight reduction from fluid buildup, faster healing from natural and C-section deliveries, minimize scarring from C-section, increase milk production. The touch and moves are very light to encourage movement for quicker healing, recovery, and fluid movement. You’ll be clothed for this massage. Your doctor’s clearance is required.

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