Resources and Phone Numbers

New mom holding newborn's feet

See our hospital directory for additional resources and phone numbers.

Birth Certificates

For new certificates for your baby born at Englewood Hospital


For copies of previously issued birth certificates for yourself or others

Certified copies of vital records can be obtained at the Englewood Health Department in-person, online at Vital Chek, or by mail with application. You may also request your vital record at the State Department of Health.

Preregistration for Delivery

201-894-3000, ext. 4115

Breastfeeding Help Line


Childbirth Education Program

201-608-2550 | Website

Maternal and Fetal Medicine Center

201-894-3669 | Website

Pastoral Care Office (for religious accommodations)


Patient Relations


Postpartum Bedside Massage

201-608-2377 | Website

Room Service


Maternity Team Members

  • Nurse Manager, Labor & Delivery: 201-894-3313
  • Nurse Manager, Mother/Baby: 201-608-2329
  • Director of Nursing, Maternal/Child Health: 201-894-3318
  • Assistant Nurse Manager, Maternal/Child Health: 201-894-3137 or 201-608-2776
  • Advanced Practice Nurse: 201-894-3319
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