Colon and Rectal Cancer

Colon and Rectal Cancer

Why Choose Englewood Health for Colon and Rectal Cancer Care?

The oncology experts at The Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center have extensive experience diagnosing and treating all major forms of cancer, including colon and rectal cancer.

Our Cancer Team Approach

We’ve created disease-specific teams made up of different types of doctors specializing in your cancer, as well as a patient navigator and specialists in nutrition, pain and palliative medicine, integrative medicine, genetic counseling, and other supportive services.

Together, these experts review all patient cases to make recommendations for treatment and develop an individualized plan.

New Patients: Making an Appointment

If you have been recently diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer and are looking for care or a second opinion, we are here to help. You can contact us online through our secure form and someone will get back to you. Or call us directly at 201-608-2266.

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