Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition and Cancer Care video

Eating a healthy diet can help you stay strong during cancer treatment. Consuming sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, and protein and staying well hydrated will optimize your response to treatment. At The Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center, our registered dietitian works in partnership with your care team to assess your diet, determine your needs, and set goals to follow a healthy diet. Every new patient will receive an initial nutritional assessment.

Following a nutritious diet during cancer treatment can help:

  • Decrease your risk of infection
  • Increase your strength and energy
  • Preserve lean body mass
  • Rebuild body tissue
  • Improve your tolerance to treatment
  • Help you recuperate faster after treatment
  • Support your immune function
  • Enhance your overall well-being

A registered dietitian can help answer your questions, such as:

  • What kinds of foods should I eat during chemotherapy and radiation therapy?
  • What types of foods are best if I have side effects such as fatigue, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, or weight loss?
  • Should I avoid raw fruits and vegetables, or sugary foods?
  • Is a vegetarian diet okay for me?

People with head and neck cancers have special dietary needs, since they often have trouble eating and swallowing during treatment. With nutritional counseling, these patients can learn how to meet their dietary requirements.

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