Cardiac Services

Whether you’ve just received a cardiovascular diagnosis or are managing a long-term condition, Englewood Health is here to help. Our nationally recognized team of specialists offers a full spectrum of care, from diagnosis to post-treatment follow-up and rehabilitation.

Cardiac Conditions

At Englewood Health, we offer comprehensive heart and vascular care through our four condition-based Centers of Excellence. These programs combine resources and specialists from every cardiovascular discipline to provide both deep and broad expertise — and promote your overall heart health:

Arrhythmia Management

Arrhythmia management

A heart arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm) is a problem with the timing of the electrical signals that control your heartbeat. Englewood Health provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for every type of arrhythmia, including atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease develops when cholesterol and plaque build up inside your heart’s major arteries. Englewood Health offers the most advanced treatment for these blockages, including for the most complex conditions.

Structural Heart Disease

Structural heart disease

Our Structural Heart Team diagnoses and treats heart valve disease including aortic stenosis, aortic regurgitation, and mitral valve disease, as well as non-valvular heart conditions. We use minimally invasive methods such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and percutaneous mitral valve repair (MitraClip®) procedures.

Dr. Joseph De Gregorio

The great thing about cardiology is that we find problems and we treat problems: most often this can be done with minimally invasive methods. You want to address things early. When we find things earlier, they can be treated before they cause any problems. We have ways of treating your condition that are safe and effective, so it’s important to be evaluated.

Dr. Joseph De Gregorio, Executive Director of Cardiovascular Services

Cardiac Services at Englewood Health

Within our Centers of Excellence, we provide these services:

Cardiac Diagnostic Services

Cardiac-specific imaging and laboratory tests provide an accurate diagnosis and help guide your treatment options.

General and Preventive Cardiology

With more than 100 cardiologists in the Englewood Health Physician Network, we provide ongoing care to help you reduce your risk of developing cardiac disease. We help manage conditions such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol through medication and lifestyle changes.


Our skilled, experienced cardiovascular team specializes in:

  • Interventional cardiology: Minimally invasive care for diseases affecting heart valves, coronary arteries, and other blood vessels
  • Cardiac surgery: Procedures to repair problems in your heart, including valve replacement and heart bypass surgery
  • Cardiac electrophysiology: Diagnosis and treatment for heart-rhythm disorders, such as atrial fibrillation
  • Emergency cardiac care: Timely treatment for heart attacks and stroke, including emergency placement of stents to open blocked arteries
  • Vascular surgery: Treatment for conditions that affect the body’s blood vessels
  • Bloodless surgery: Medical and surgical techniques that offer a safe, effective alternative to blood transfusion. Learn more about our bloodless institute.

Transcatheter Therapies

We perform the following minimally invasive device implantation:

Cardiac Recovery and Rehabilitation

We offer personalized exercise, nutrition, and education to help you recover from surgery or other heart event or manage a chronic condition. Learn more about our cardiac rehabilitation program.

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