Cardiac Rehabilitation

A skilled, compassionate cardiac rehabilitation team makes all the difference when you’re recovering from heart surgery or a heart condition. Englewood Health offers support services to help you regain independence and live the most active, healthy life possible.

Dr. Samuel Suede

Through a cardiac rehabilitation program, patients can return to their normal activity level sooner. With continuous exercise, one’s sense of wellness and mortality is improved. In fact, the five-year mortality rate drops between 20% and 30% for patients who follow a prescribed cardiac rehabilitation program, yet only 20% to 30% of the eligible population enrolls in one.

Dr. Samuel Suede, Chief of Cardiology and Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehab team works with patients who are recovering from various cardiac conditions or procedures. These may include a heart attack, heart surgery, heart transplant, or stabile angina (chest pain or discomfort). 

Cardiac Recovery and Rehabilitation Services

Our heart rehabilitation team supports you during your recovery. We offer a medically supervised, individualized outpatient program to help you get back and eventually improve your physical abilities. Our cardiac nurses and exercise physiologists work with the treatment plan your cardiologist provides, which may include:

  • Education: The more you know about your heart condition, the better you can manage it over time. We’ll provide resources and support to help you make sense of your treatment plan.
  • Exercise: We guide you through movements that help you build strength, flexibility, and endurance. These targeted exercises can help you live more independently and return to your regular activities.
  • Stress management: Living with health issues can take an emotional toll. You will learn strategies to counteract stress and promote heart health.
  • Nutritional support: Our team helps you support your long-term health. You have access to a dietitian to help you plan heart-healthy meals. Our diabetes educator can help you navigate diet and insulin schedules.
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