Meditation at the Graf Center


Meditation at the Graf Center

Service Price List

Buy 10 massage sessions and get the 11th free or a 10% discount.‡

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Therapeutic Massage/Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Reiki/Reflexology

25/50/80 Minute Massage Session† $50/$85/$150
Employee Express 15 Minute Chair Massage $18
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (25/50 Minutes)† $55/$90
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (50 Minutes)† – 5 Session Package‡ $425
Pre/Postnatal Massage (50 Minutes)† $85
AromaTouch Massage (80 Minutes)† $165
Aromatherapy Add-on (Peppermint, Lavender, Wild Orange) $5


60 Minute Initial Evaluation with Treatment* $85-175
45 Minute Follow-up Session* Varies by treatment plan
determined by acupuncturist,
discussed at initial consult
Auricular Acupuncture 30 Minute Session*
(smoking cessation, weight loss, stress) 

Holistic Nutrition

Self-pay rates below

60 Minute Initial Evaluation $85
60 Minute Follow-up Session $85
60 Minute Follow-up Session – 5 Session Package‡ $400
60 Minute Follow-up Session – 10 Session Package‡ $750
30 Minute Follow-up Session $55
60 Minute Family Session $135

Inpatient Services

Physician approval required

25 Minute Inpatient Acupuncture $50-$70
25 Minute Inpatient Massage $55
45 Minute Inpatient Post-Natal Massage $85
25 Minute Inpatient Reiki or Reflexology $55
50 Minute Inpatient Reiki $85
25/50 Minute Inpatient Manual Lymphatic Drainage $55/$95

Integrative Medicine Consultation

Medical consultations are typically covered by insurance. Check with your plan for coverage opportunities and co-pay.

Private Yoga or Meditation

60 Minutes $80

Wellness Coaching

Initial 90 Minute Session $100
30 Minute Follow-up Sessions (Individual or package‡ of 6) $60/$300
60 Minute Follow-up Sessions (Individual or package‡ of 6) $80/$420

Fitness Assessment and Heart Training with Exercise Physiologist

Initial 60 Minute Evaluation with Training $85
50 Minute Follow-up Session $85
25 Minute Follow-up Session $55

* Integrative medicine consults, registered dietician services, and acupuncture accept limited insurance plans. Responsible for co-pays. Benefits checked with proper information. For more information, call 201-608-2377.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT MASSAGES: Please allow additional 5 minutes for consult/dressing with a 25-minute massage; additional 10 minutes for consult/dressing with a 50- or 80-minute massage. If additional time for dressing/consultation is needed, please discuss when booking.

‡ No refunds on packages.

NJ sales tax (6.625%) is added to massage and Reiki unless you have a prescription from your doctor. All fees subject to change. FSA/HVA can be used to pay for sessions. No refunds for appointments canceled within 24 hours, unless you have a doctor’s note.

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