Meditation at the Graf Center

Wellness Coaching

Meditation at the Graf Center

Wellness coaches are trained professionals who work closely with clients to help them initiate and sustain change. Coaches use face-to-face meetings and a series of conversations to help clients identify goals, explore motivations, and consider potential obstacles. Together, the coach and client develop a personalized picture of success called a “wellness vision,” along with a plan to achieve it.

Once a long-term objective has been identified, the coach helps the client reach it by creating an action plan, a series of short-term goals that help change habits gradually and incorporate new behaviors for the long term. Weekly face-to-face meetings keep the client accountable, provide an opportunity to review progress, discuss any challenges that may have been encountered, and make adjustments to help the client stay on track.

A wellness coach considers all aspects of health—physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. This holistic approach and the close working relationship between coach and client help ensure success and create lifelong change.

Fees and Appointments

Make an appointment with a wellness coach. A 90-minute initial session is $100. See our Graf Center fees.


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