Meditation and Stress Management at the Graf Center

Meditation and Stress Management

Meditation and Stress Management at the Graf Center

The Rodgers Family Meditation Program

The Rodgers Family Meditation Program at the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine offers workshops and programs for people looking to relax or to help deal with a chronic condition such as cancer, heart disease, or pain.

Schedule and offerings vary throughout the year. See our calendar of meditation classes and events for our full schedule and fees and be sure to register in advance. Some of our featured offerings include:

Private Sessions

Make an appointment for just you and a meditation instructor in the privacy and comfort of the Graf Center. A 30-minute session is $50; a 60-minute session is $80.

Guided Meditation for People Undergoing Surgery

Guided meditation can help you reduce the stress and anxiety of undergoing surgery and support your recovery process. If you are planning to undergo surgery, we encourage you to take some time for yourself and join Mary Ann Fernandez, a certified yoga and meditation instructor, on these guided meditation sessions.

Before Surgery

This 15-minute recording will help you relax prior to your surgery. You can listen in the days and weeks leading up to your surgery or while in the pre-op area.

Pre-Surgery Guided Meditation with Mary Ann Fernandez

After Surgery

This 5-minute recording will support you in the recovery process. Listen in the recovery room or inpatient hospital bed, or in the days after your surgery.

Post-Surgery Guided Meditation with Mary Ann Fernandez

Important: Do not listen to these recordings while driving or at other times when you need to remain alert. The information in these recordings is not intended to replace any instructions or information provided by your own surgeon or other healthcare professional.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Series

This series is held one or two times a year over six sessions. Participants learn powerful and effective healing therapies, such as meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, breath work, and mindful eating, to help with life changes, stress, and illness.

Meditation for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Pain

These weekly classes teach simple techniques to help relax the body, build resistance to stress, lower blood pressure, assist with pain management and anxiety/depression, and improve mental clarity.

Gentle Movement and Meditation

This is a six-week series, held once or twice a year, that teaches participants how to establish a personal meditation practice to balance the mind and body.

Virtual “6-Minute Meditation Fix”

In the audio recordings, Jennifer Graf, LCSW, guides you through three short audio meditation sessions. Spend just six minutes in the morning, another six during the day, and a final six before bedtime.

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